Extra Large Thermogard Packs

Ice blankets are a great way to keep pallets or crates of produce chilled inbetween the chiller and shop shelf or while waiting to be packed.

There are a range of sizes available to suit the size of your pallets or crates and they can be refrozen & reused many times.

Sizes available:

TS3100 Ice Blanket 300mm x 1000mm
TS3200 Ice Blanket 300mm x 2000mm
TS6100 Ice Blanket 600mm x 1000mm
TS6200 Ice Blanket 600mm x 2000mm

  • Massive sheet sizes for chilling fresh or frozen goods
  • Specifically designed for keeping pallets, product bins or cartons cool during transit or storage
  • Ice Blankets are great for use at supermarkets, airports, fishing industry, retail shops etc
  • Easy to use, simply freeze down overnight
  • Reuseable and robust, USFDA Approved

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Extra Large Thermogard Packs

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