Thermogard is used extensively in Australia & New Zealand to keep products cold during transit and storage.


Here is a video testimonial from one of our customers. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon use Thermogard to make sure their fresh salmon products get delivered to customers in pristine quality.

The salmon products are packaged in Polystyrene bins with sheets of Thermogard below and above the product. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon deliver their products all over New Zealand and also air freight them overseas.


More testimonials from our customers:

Andrews Meat Specialise in providing superior quality meat products to customers around the world.

"Reliable and easy to use. Thermogard removes the labour content from having to immerse and freeze ice packs"

Nick Kelly, Andrews Meat Industries

Lidcombe, Australia www.andrewsmeat.com.au

Andrews Meat


Recommending Thermogard as a superior ice-replacement product

"The thermal performance enables product to be shipped around the world. Weight also saves freight costs when compared to wet ice. The product is easy to handle, giving good surface coverage for our product. Retains all its moisture so no mess, hence the Salmon arrives looking great.
Following are some key reasons NZKS has been using this product for over 10 years:

  1. Consistent supply and deliveries are on time.
  2. Cartons well packaged / pallets well stacked and easy to handle.
  3. Arrive at good temperatures, i.e. frozen ready for use.
  4. Easy to use / handle, does not need to be pre-soaked, huge time saving.
  5. Can be re-used – reduces costs.
  6. Can be manufactured to suit our needs and is segmented- stays flexible even after freezing.
  7. Effective in maintaining product temperature if handled correctly.
  8. Is USFDA and EU approved for food contact.

I would have no hesitation recommending Thermogard as a superior ice-replacement product."

Mick Brown, New Zealand King Salmon


NZ King Salmon
NZ Kings Salmon


Pyrmont Seafoods is a specialist Seafood Wholesaler, delivering direct from the catch to the customer.

What do you like about using Thermogard products?

"Thermogard packs come frozen ready for use. The packaging looks very good. Thermogard packs last a lot longer than ice. Ice makes too much mess. The price of Thermogard is very competitive.
We use Thermogard for all our seafood products. Pyrmont seafood operate in Sydney. Our seafood goes all the way to WA."

Salvatore Bagnato, Pyrmont Seafood
NSW Australia www.pyrmontseafood.com.au

Pyrmont Seafood Logo
Pyrmont Seafoods


Testimonial from Red Coral Seafood

Where Melbourne's leading Chefs buy their catch

"Thermogard gel packs are far superior than any product we have used before.

Our product is kept at correct temperature throughout the supply chain without the risk of the delicate nature of our fish being spoiled or damaged.

We stand by Thermogard 

Tass Marinopoulos"


Red Coral Seafood Logo


Red Coral Seafood pic