Reusable Gel Ice Packs

Thermogard is great for meat and seafood distribution 

Superior to flake ice

Thermogard Gel Ice Packs lower the temperature faster and hold the temperature longer than ice. It has a weight/coolant comparison of approximately 2 times that of ice. This can result in substantial savings on freight costs due to the reduced weight of your shipments!

Quick, easy and efficient

Thermogard is very easy to use and is supplied in cartons ready to use once frozen. It does not require bagging, soaking, drying, separating or any further handling like other forms of coolant. It is quick to use and labour saving.

Keeps your products in top condition!

Thermogard is clean with no mess, no seepage or residual water. The appearance and quality of your products will be top condition when they arrive with your customers.

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Effective & reliable Gel Ice Packs 

  • Thermogard keeps products chilled longer than ice does
  • Versatile sizes for polybins, crates or pallets
  • High grade, durable & puncture resistant film
  • Reuseable & USFDA approved
  • Packaged ready to freeze
  • Food safe and made in Australia!

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Thermogard CartonChilled fish distribution

Watch our video to find out why Mt Cook Alpine Salmon use Thermogard!