Thermogard with fish

Gel Ice Packs that work better than ice!

• Thermogard keeps products chilled longer
• Versatile sizes for polybins, crates or pallets
• High grade, durable & puncture resistant film
• Segmented & flexible sheets
• Packaged ready to freeze
• Food safe & USFDA approved
• Reuseable & made in Australia and NZ!

Thermogard Gel Ice Packs lower the temperature faster and hold the temperature longer than ice. It has a weight/coolant comparison of approximately 2 times that of ice. Thermogard can help you achieve substantial savings on freight costs due to the reduced weight of your shipments!

The exterior film used in Thermogard is a special engineered plastic that is designed to withstand rigorous applications and still maintain crisp, professional appearance.


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Thermogard with fresh food

Convenient, clean and efficient

Cost & time saving

• Clean with no mess & no seepage
• No soaking required or residual water
• Quick to use & is supplied in cartons ready to freeze
• Thermogard cartons have perforations in both ends which helps them freeze faster
• Does not require bagging, soaking, drying, separating or any further handling like other forms of coolant.

Thermogard is very easy to use and is supplied in cartons ready to use once frozen. The cartons have special perforations in both ends which allows the air to flow through when the carton is placed into the freezer. You can also store Thermogard Ice Packs unfrozen until required.

Thermogard is clean with no mess, no seepage, no soaking required or residual water. It is quick to use and labour saving.


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