Trend for online food shopping continues to grow

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Not only are more consumers turning to online retail outlets for their food shopping but the transition is happening faster than many market analysts predicted.  A study between the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen in the United States found that 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online by the year 2024.

This is great news for food retailers that are set up to sell their products online; as the ease of purchasing, convenience and accessibility for customers is sure to see the market to grow here in Australia.

Technological advances have made it easier for consumers to find the products they love online.  But often ordering online has meant compromising the quality of the produce delivered, especially in regions where average temperatures can provide hostile conditions for easily perishable goods.

A week’s shopping can be delivered in a van easily enough, especially once customer scale makes that option viable for businesses.  But what about brands that don’t yet have that scale, or for deliveries that may be a one off?

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Businesses like Marley Spoon & Hello Fresh deliver tasty recipes and meal ingredients to your door that make it easy to cook a delicious meal at home. So getting the ingredients to customers in great condition is key to their brand proposition.  What’s great about businesses like Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh is not only that you’re buying pre-thought out meal ideas but that the ingredients are fresh, seasonal and sustainably farmed.

Keeping products chilled, or fresh produce fresh is easier with the likes of Thermogard.  The frozen gel-packs evenly distribute temperature and their design and range of sizes makes it easier for them to sit within different types of packaging, meaning a company’s marketing isn’t put in second place to operational aspects.

When transporting meat keeping the cuts at an even and constant temperature is even more important.  The risk of sickness can really damage a company’s reputation, especially in this day of social media.  Using Thermogard can help maintain meat products at a temperature that prevents the growth of bacteria and preserves product quality.

From a business perspective the fact Thermogard can be re-used can also reduce overheads, waste and a business’s environmental impact.  If your business is looking to benefit from the online food shopping boom then maybe you should consider Thermogard as your perfect partner in delivering a product you can be proud of.

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