Thermogard – The New and Improved Version of Ice Packs

frozen ice packs ice pack used for packaging food packaging for chilled food thermogard ice packs transporting temperature critical food

Have you ever faced problems where your chilled or frozen food has not been delivered to your customers as cold as it should be? Well fear no more! Thermogard is the new and improved version of frozen ice packs, and will solve this problem. 

Thermogard is a gel ice pack used for packaging food and other temperature sensitive products. It is a far superior option to that of traditional Ice Packs, as is it is more likely to ensure your products are delivered to your customer both chilled and protected.

Although your products may be chilled or frozen when they leave your business, it can be difficult to control what happens to them from this stage onwards. Your products may be delayed in transit for a number of different reasons, or left outside in the heat at the customers address. These products may then start to increase in temperature, meaning that by the time they reach your customer, they are no longer in top condition! They may even be spoiled and in that case your customer may ask for a refund or even worse – you could lose the customer all together. To avoid this from happening and keep your customers happy, choose Thermogard over traditional ice packs.

Thermogard is more likely to ensure your product arrives in top condition because:

  • It has a weight/coolant of approximately 2 times that of ice. This means that if your product is delayed in transit, Thermogard will keep it cold two times longer than ice would.
  • Thermogard is made of segmented pads to provide an even chill distribution. This prevents the development of warm spots in packaged goods, which can be detrimental to product quality.
  • Thermogard gel ice packs are made from strong, puncture resistant material that retains all moisture. This means there is no mess, no seepage and no risk of damaging your packaged goods.


As you can see, there many advantages of transporting temperature critical food with Thermogard as opposed to traditional ice packs. With Thermogard, all you need to do is organize the food you want to transport, pack it with the Thermogard gel packs to keep it cold, and your customers will receive their products chilled and protected.

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