Customer Testimonial: Pyrmont Seafoods

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Pyrmont Seafoods is a specialist Seafood Wholesaler, delivering direct from the catch to the customer.

What do you like about using Thermogard products?

"Thermogard packs come frozen ready for use. The packaging looks very good. Thermogard packs last a lot longer than ice. Ice makes too much mess. The price of Thermogard is very competitive.
We use Thermogard for all our seafood products. Pyrmont seafood operate in Sydney. Our seafood goes all the way to WA."

Salvatore Bagnato, Pyrmont Seafood
NSW Australia

Pyrmont Seafoods

Want to know more about Thermogard?

Thermogard is used by a wide range of customers especially in the seafood & chilled food industry in Australia & New Zealand. Thermogard Gel Ice Packs lower the temperature faster and hold the temperature longer than ice. It has a weight/coolant comparison of approximately 2 times that of ice.

The exterior film used in Thermogard is a special engineered plastic that is designed to withstand rigorous applications and still maintain crisp, professional appearance. Thermogard is reuseable and food safe USFDA Approved.

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