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Thermogard keeps your products chilled for longer

Thermogard Coolpads

Thermogard packaging cheese

Keep cheese cold on the courier

Thermogard ice packs for fish

Keep fish cold during transit

Thermogard ice packs for flowers

Chill cut flowers during transit

Thermogard ice packs for meat

Chill meat during transit

Thermogard ice packs for salmon

Chill salmon during transit

Thermogard reuseable Gel Ice Packs
Great for air freighting seafood, shellfish & other meat products!

Thermogard Gel Ice Packs

  • Cost and time saving compared to flake ice
  • Thermogard lasts longer & maintains more constant temperature
  • Segmented pads provide excellent chill distribution
  • High grade film is durable and puncture resistant
  • Reuseable and food safe USFDA Approved
  • Packaged ready for quick freezing

Thermogard Gel-Ice Packs are an effective and reliable ice replacement for chilling products during transit. They have been developed through extensive research and testing.

What is Thermogard?

Thermogard Gel-Ice Packs are a flexible, ready to freeze product filled with a specially formulated gel that lasts longer than conventional ice packs. This provides assurance that your products are protected against unexpected delays during transit or air freight.

Versatile, reuseable and puncture resistant

Thermogard Gel-Ice Packs are segmented and flexible and packed into cartons with pop-out ends for faster freezing. The Thermogard transit chill system will keep your costs and temperatures down.


New Zealand King Salmon Thermogard Referral

"I would have no hesitation recommending Thermogard as a superior ice replacement product. Following are some key reasons NZKS has been using this product for over 10 years:

1. Consistent supply and deliveries are on time.
2. Cartons well packaged / pallets well stacked and easy to handle.
3. Easy to use / handle, does not need to be pre-soaked, huge time saving.
4. Can be re-used – reduces costs.
5. Can be manufactured to suit our needs and is segmented - stays flexible even after freezing.
6. Effective in maintaining product temperature if handled correctly.
7. Gel compound is consistent.
8. Is USFDA and EU approved for food contact."

Kind Regards
M. Brown,
New Zealand King Salmon